How to learn Driving : Private VS Professional Driving Lessons

How to learn Driving : Private VS Professional Driving Lessons

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Before learning to drive in Canada, you need to have an understanding of driving rules and essential requirements in the country. You also need to have clarity as for how you are going to approach the learning – with professional instructors or private driving lessons. We are going to discuss all these points.

So, let’s get started:-

Basic Driving requirements

  • You should have a valid driver’s license in order to drive in Canada.
  • If you have a valid U.S. driver’s license, you can drive in Canada
  • Visitors from other countries need to have an international driver’s license to be able to drive in Canada.
  • You need to provide proof of valid auto insurance, although U.S. auto insurance is also accepted in case you’re visiting Canada.

Driving Regulations in Canada

  • You need to drive on the right-hand side in Canada.
  • You need to wear a seatbelt.
  • The accepted speed limit in Canada is 50km/hr or 31 m/hr in main cities, 80-100 km/hr or 50-62 m/hr on highways.
  • Road signs are in English, French, or both.
  • If you’re traveling with kids, then a car seat is required.
  • Cell phones should be used in “hands-free” mode when driving.
  • Driving in winter can be challenging with heavy snow, black ice, and adverse white-out conditions wreaking havoc.
  • Always check the weather conditions of the place you’re going to before leaving during the winter season, keep your cell phone well charged, keep emergency numbers ready on hand, keep a travel kit in your car which should include a blanket, ice scraper, and a flashlight.
  • Do not drink and drive in Canada as you can get arrested.

So now that you want to start learning to drive, the first question that comes to mind is how to approach learning. If you are wondering about the differences between Private driving lessons and Professional driving lessons from a certified Professional Driving Instructor, here are some of the comparisons between them and suggestions to help you make the right choice for your young one or yourself.

Private Driving Lessons

  • Private driving lessons are meant for those who don’t know how to drive and want to learn driving to get a valid driver’s license or permit holders going for a road test. You will need to be 18 years and older in order to be able to start your private driving lessons.
  • Learning to drive from your parents can be considered to be a Private driving lesson and also learning to drive from a Private instructor with experience in driving can also be considered as Private driving lessons.
  • Private lessons are given according to the individual’s skill level and overall goals. The private instructor will check your driving skill and help you work in the areas of your weakness. If your parents are teaching you to drive, the chances are that they will pass on to you their failures in driving as well. Each lesson can be 1-2 hours long.

Professional Driving Lessons

  • The professional driving instructor is trained professionally and will teach in a professional way. Professional driving instructors have to pass a series of tests so that they can instruct others to drive.
  • If you are learning from Parents, then they will panic, overreact or get stressed out training you, but a professional can handle the situation with ease and help you pass a driving test for the latest driving certification requirements.
  • Private trainers may not be aware of the latest changes and requirements for getting a drivers license in comparison to a Professional certified trainer. They know the latest driving techniques and are aware of the newest requirements in getting a drivers license.
  • Training with a professionally trained driving instructor also helps you get a discount on your car insurance, which would have been a higher amount for young drivers.

Professional Driving Lessons is the Correct Way

Professional Driving Lessons is the best and preferred way to learn driving as you get the best training and skills when you learn from a professional driving instructor.

If you are looking for the best Professional Driving Training , visit Kingston Driving Academy. Kingston driving Academy is a premier Professional Driving Institute in Scarborough, Canada and is a Ministry Approved Driving School. We have trained thousands of young drivers for over 30 years.

cssolutionsHow to learn Driving : Private VS Professional Driving Lessons

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