Why learning driving from Driving schools are better than Driving instructors?

Why learning driving from Driving schools are better than Driving instructors?

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Formal training lessons in car driving inculcate good driving habits in any young driver, which can serve them in a positive way through their life. When it comes to driving, the first driving lessons that we learn tend to stay with us. Hence it is better to always learn it correctly and from the right person.

Many young drivers are faced with the choice of either learning to drive from a local driving instructor or a driving school. This article outlines why you, as a learning driver, should opt for a professional driving school or academy instead of a driving instructor.

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The safety aspect

Most vehicles provided by the driving schools are equipped with a 2-pedal configuration with a spare set of clutch and brakes that your driving instructor can use in the event of an emergency. This is always safer than directly driving your private car.

Many driving schools also provide learners with a driving simulator, which displays real-time road conditions that are better for confidence building, than starting immediately in public road conditions that can pose a risk to you or other drivers.

Learning about road signs and road safety measures is the knowledge that only driving schools can provide through a formal and structured in-house training schedule.

Passing your driving test

Ask any young driver in Canada, about the hassles of passing the written and physical driving test in the country. Getting driving lessons from an experienced driving agency can prepare you to pass your driving test, along with providing ample physical driving practice, which will improve your success quotient.

Additionally, if you have passed your G1 road test and are waiting to attempt the G2 road test, you need to wait just 8 months with a driving school certificate, as compared to 1 year without the certificate.

Lower insurance premium

Insurance companies in Canada offer more discounts on vehicle insurance for drivers, who have obtained their training from recognized driving schools in Canada. While private driving instructors charge lower fees than driving school, lower insurance premiums on your car is a better economic saver in the long run, particularly with the increasing cost of vehicle insurance in Canada.

Why Choose Kingston Driving Academy?

With the increasing number of driving schools in Canada, it is also important to choose the right government ministry approved driving school, such as the Kingston Driving Academy, for the right guidance and driving skills. The Kingston Driving School also provides a female driving instructor for young girls, who want to learn driving, and is among the best driving schools in Scarborough.


cssolutionsWhy learning driving from Driving schools are better than Driving instructors?

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