Winter Driving Safety Tips in Ontario – Things to Keep in Mind before Hitting the Road!

Winter Driving Safety Tips in Ontario – Things to Keep in Mind before Hitting the Road!

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Those who live in Canada are well versed with its severe temperatures that often drop as low as -1°C or -2°C. The North American country often witnesses ice-covered roads and mountains that pose a great threat to its residents, particularly drivers.

Ontario, a well-known province located in east-central Canada, also observes similar conditions throughout winter. Such harsh winter scenario poses a dangerous threat if one does not take proper care and caution while driving.

Most cities in Canada also have strict driving rules that drivers need to abide by while using their vehicles. However, along with driving protection, alertness and focus go a long way when it comes to safety on the roads in winter.

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Here are a few useful tips to ensure you always drive safe:

1. Enrol in a Driving School to Boost Confidence:

Canada boasts of some of the best driving schools. Since the country has one of the harshest winters, driving schools consider several aspects and train you accordingly. Moreover, learning from a professional academy always helps. A ministry approved driving school, the Kingston Driving Academy, is one of the most reputed in Ontario with female driving instructors. Known for its specialized driving lessons, the school caters to drivers of all ages and has trained individuals since 2002 to become better, confident drivers.

2. Regular Car Maintenance is Key

Waiting for a tow truck in case of a car breakdown is an annoying thing to do and is even worse when done while it’s snowing outside. A little care every month (depending on the age and type of car will help save you a lot of hassle later. Make sure your breaks are functioning, check the oil, fuel, windshield, etc. on a regular basis and make sure your car is comfortable for driving.

3. Planning your Trip Helps

Ensure you are well-versed with the route you shall be taking before heading out. Winter driving is not the best time to be opting for a shortcut or trying a new route. Also, make sure you know alternative ways to reach your destination in case a route in non-serviceable. Keep a map with you if your course is long and mark gas stations, restaurants and service stations on the path if you need to stop.

4. A survival Kit is an Excellent Idea

Keeping a survival kit while driving in winters is exceptionally thoughtful! With limited resources available during such conditions, keeping essentials handy is a wise decision. Stock up on eatables, first aid, water, torch, shovel, blanket, safety vest, phone charger and other necessities and replenish before every trip.

5. Comfortable Clothing will Help you Stay Focused

Driving in uncomfortable or bulky clothing will prevent you from feeling comfortable, which in turn will affect your focus. To ensure your full concentration, make sure you dress right before heading out.

6. Inform your Family About your Travel Plans and Stay Connected

An important tip is always to have someone know you have started your trip. Make sure you keep in touch with them when you take a break or stop for a bite. Also, share information about the route you shall be taking and if possible send them accurate details of GPRS for proper tracking.

7. Make sure your car is ‘winter-friendly’

A tank full of gas, internal heater, bright lights, working headlights and all essentials make your car fit for use on snow-covered roads without any trouble. Work specifically on keeping your vehicle in the best shape and your winter trips are sorted!


cssolutionsWinter Driving Safety Tips in Ontario – Things to Keep in Mind before Hitting the Road!

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